I stood at the top of the stairs looking at her motionless body surrounded by a pool of a red-coloured liquid substance.
I stopped breathing for a second. No, more than a second. How can one bleed so much? I wondered.

I started breathing steadily again and my eyes darted around as I was uncertain of how long I’ve been standing there.
I blinked a few times thinking maybe I’d wake up from the scary, devouring nightmare. But how do you wake up when you’re not even asleep?

I waited. Waited for any sign of life but it seemed like that was the longest I’ve ever waited. I noticed the two shadows on the wall and I couldn’t tell which one was mine. Strangely enough, I couldn’t seem to recognize both of them.
I really don’t remember exactly what happened. She slipped. No! I pushed her. No! She was trying to free herself from my grip and missed a step. I don’t remember!

Her body laid twisted, her legs so unnaturally contorted looking like a discarded doll.
I wanted to scream her name but I’d somehow forgotten to pronounce it.

And I couldn’t find my voice.

I called her by my mother’s name instead. My voice came out so distant, like I was underwater.
She still didn’t move. I got closer, taking two steps at a time and begging her in whispers to wake up.

But she just stared at me blankly.